Ad Inserter Pro - Advanced Wordpress Ads Management Plugin

Supports all kinds of WordPress ads including Google AdSense

More than just ad manager - insert any code anywhere on the page

Ad Inserter Pro is a simple yet powerful All-in-One Wordpress ad management plugin. It can insert any code at any supported position. Perfect for AdSense, Amazon, rotating banners or any other ads. Simply enter any HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code and select where and how you want to insert / display it.

Ad Inserter Stats

  • Version: 2.2.10
  • Last updated: 3 days ago
  • Active installations: 100,000+
  • Tested up to: 4.9.1


For a complete description of features, screenshots and FAQ please check documentation page. Upgrading from free Ad Inserter to Ad Inserter Pro is easy and preserves settings. Simply deactivate and remove free Ad Inserter and then upload and activate Ad Inserter Pro.

ad inserter pro

What is the difference between free Ad Inserter and Ad Inserter Pro?

In addition to all the features of the free Ad Insetrter, Ad Inserter Pro supports 64 code blocks, 6 custom viewports, additional custom hooks, additional multisite options, country-level GEO targeting, sticky positions, ad impression and click tracking (see details below), ad scheduling, additional option to manage all insertion exceptions on one page and option to import/export block or plugin settings. With Ad Inserter Pro you also get one year of free updates and support via email. You can install and check free Ad Inserter plugin and if you find it useful and need more code blocks you can simply upgrade to Ad Inserter Pro.

Ad Inserter supports multisite WordPress installations. Normally, the plugin is available with settings and widgets to all the sites on the network. Ad Inserter Pro supports options to disable Setings page, widgets and post/page exceptions for sites (except for the main one).

Ad Tracking and Click Detection

There are basically two types of ads: simple banners with links and Javascript based ads. Ad Inserter Pro supports two methods for click detection. Please check click tracking to determine which click detection method you need:

  • Standard method can detect clicks only on HTML banners with links and is available in all versions of Ad Inserter Pro.
  • Advanced method can detect clicks on any ad code (including Javascript <iframe> ads like AdSense) but is not available in Ad Inserter Pro Personal.

Not sure if Ad Inserter Pro
is the right solution for you?

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  • Interesed in AdSense ads at optimal positions?
  • Need a solution for contextual Amazon ads?
  • Need a solution to track impressions and clicks?
  • Need a solution for A/B tests?
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  • Need a solution to insert ads on all posts?
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  • Need a solution for sticky ads?
  • Need a solution to black-list a category?
  • Need a solution to black-list IP address range?
  • Need a solution to target specific countries?
  • Need a solution to schedule ads?
  • Need a solution to hide ads for direct visitors?
  • Need support via email?

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Endorsed by Amazon

Amazon suggests to use Ad Inserter to add Native Shopping Ads to WordPress posts. Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of your content or within your content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity. There is no easier way to display Amazon products related to the post content!

Go Pro

Before you purchase a license for Ad Inserter Pro you can check free Ad Inserter to make sure it can be installed on your website, it works as expected, you are not experiencing issues and it fits your needs.

Buying Ad Inserter Pro is easy. There is a one-off payment for the license period of one year. You don't have to register with us, just choose an option, click the Buy Now button and pay with PayPal or any supported debit or credit card (if PayPal is not available in your country please contact us and we'll try to find an alternative payment method). You will receive an email containing your download link and license key for the plugin. The link in the email is used only for initial download and installation of the plugin. All future updates during the free update period don't need manual downloading and can be done inside Wordpress like for other plugins. Please save this email for future reference. Of course, if you have lost your download link or license key you can recover it by entering email address that was used for payment. Please note that if you pay with eCheck you'll not receive the download link until the transaction clears and we receive the payment.

We offer a choice of four license types for Ad Inserter Pro. Please note that the plugin is the same for all the licenses and includes free updates for 1 year, only the license type is different.

After the free updates period ends you will still be able to use Ad Inserter Pro normally. Only plugin updates will not be available anymore and you will not be eligible for support via email. You can still keep using the version of the plugin that you have installed. For licensing purposes, a Multisite installation counts as one site. Even if your Multisite network contains hundreds of sub-sites, it will only take up one site slot on your license.

License Renewal

Of course, you can extend the license period anytime. On the same page where you can download the plugin you can also renew or upgrade the license. If you have lost your download link or license key you can recover it by entering email address that was used for payment. We offer 20% discount for license renewals during the license period. We also offer license upgrades. If you decide to upgrade you get 20% discount of the regular price plus one additional year of free updates.

Ad Inserter Pro Installation

If you are using free Ad Inserter you need to deactivate it and remove it first - saved settings will be preserved. The Pro version will automatically import existing settings from the free version. After you receive the email with download link for the Ad Inserter Pro plugin, download it, go to Wordpress Plugins, Add New, Upload Plugin, Choose file, click on Install Now, activate it and then click “Enter License Key” and enter license key you got in the email.

Please DO NOT update the plugin if it is deactivated!
Activate it first as only then it will be able to check for available updates of the Pro plugin.

Order Securely

Use on 2 sites
64 code blocks
2 custom hooks
ad tracking
Use on 5 sites
64 code blocks
4 custom hooks
ad tracking
Use on client sites
Use on 25 sites
80 code blocks
6 custom hooks
ad tracking
Use on client sites
Use on 100 sites
96 code blocks
8 custom hooks
ad tracking
Use on client sites


Every license purchased until November 28 will be extended for one additional year for FREE!

Did you know that on your download page you can renew, extend or upgrade the license with 20% dicount?

Obviously if you experience any problem in payment, downloading or installation, just let us know and we will put things right immediately. We usually respond in 24 hours. If you don't get response in 2 days please email us directly at text or contact us on Twitter via @AdInserter.

Ad Inserter User Guide


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