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Reload ads without page refresh

When you load or refresh a page you also reload and refresh all Javascript based ads like AdSense, Ad Manager, Amazon, In some cases you may want to reload or refresh ad without reloading the page. For example, to refresh ads every N seconds.

Ad Inserter provides a very simple way to reload ads. Simply create rotation code with only one option and set time to desired timeout. The following example will reload ads every 30 seconds:



You also need to set Dynamic blocks to Client-side insert. Client-side insert uses Javascript to re-insert ad code when the option time runs out. This reloads the ad.

For this approach to work the ad code has to support asynchronous loading (ad loading after the page is created). Most ad codes do support this.

Please make sure reloading ads is allowed by the policy of your ad network. For example, for AdSense ads, this approach is not allowed.