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GDPR compliance, cookies and consent

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in European Union (EU) on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) that was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. If you collect personal information from any EU citizen (within or outside the EU), you must first obtain explicit and unambiguous consent.

Ad Inserter Cookies

Ad Inserter itself does not use cookies except for debugging to store enabled debugging functions and for ad blocking detection when you use delayed action to store pageviews and action settings.

Debugging cookie is only created for administrator using debugging functions or for the user using remote debugging functions via url.

When ad blocking detection is enabled and delayed actions used, 3 cookies may be created for every visitor: aiADB, aiADB_PV and aiADB_PR. However, no personal data is stored in the cookies, only pageviews and action settings.

The ads you may insert with the plugin may use own cookies – please check with ad networks for details.

How to display a GDPR compliant cookie message?

You can use any WordPress plugin for GDPR compliance / cookie consent, for example:

Cookie Notice for GDPR
Cookie Consent
GDPR Cookie Consent

Installing GDPR plugin alone does not make your site GDPR compliant. Since ads you insert may use various cookies, you may need to make sure you have necessary configurations in place.

How to show ads based on visitors’ consent?

Ad Inserter supports inserting (showing) ads based on cookies or cookie values. If you have used a plugin for cookie consent you can define cookie condition to insert or show ads by black/white-listing Url parameters (where also cookies are checked).

If you are using one of the following plugins for cookie consent you need to white-list (button Lists) the following cookie value in Url parameter list:

Cookie consent pluginList typeList value
GDPR Cookie ConsentWhite-listviewed_cookie_policy=yes
Cookie Notice for GDPRWhite-listcookie_notice_accepted=true
Cookie ConsentWhite-listcatAccCookies=1


If you are using caching (very likely) you also need to set Dynamic blocks to Client-side insert (tab / tab General) in order to check cookies in visitor’s browser and not when the page is generated.