Unless marked with PRO all the documentation is valid also for free Ad Inserter

You can insert any ad or code anywhere on the page. All you need to know is the CSS selector of the element where you need to insert your code.

Learn common terms used by web developers and configure Ad Inserter like a Pro. Web development is simple when you understand how web works.

Automatic insertion means that the code block (or ad) will be automatically inserted on all posts or pages according to the settings.

Insert Before, Inside or After arbitrary HTML element - insert any code anywhere on any WordPress page. You only need CSS selector to define HTML element.

insertion before or after HTML element needs CSS selector - to get the right one you can use built-in HTML Element Selection tool.

The plugin has many debugging functions that can help you to diagnose the problem when you don't see your ads at expected positions.

  • Warning - this is very important
  • Information - good to know
  • Hint, advice or suggestion
  • PROAvailable only in Ad Inserter Pro