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Report a bug, propose a feature or ask a question

If you have lost your download link or license key you can recover it by entering PayPal email address that was used for payment.

For our products we offer free support via email during free upgrade period. Please use the form below to ask a question or report a problem. We usually respond in 24 hours. Please check your spam folder before contacting us again. If you don’t get response in 2 days please email us directly at . Please do not forget to include your license key (located on the general plugin settings page) and make sure your license is valid. We can not support Ad Inserter Pro installations without valid license key including expired license.

Ad Inserter Pro

Before you report a problem for Ad Inserter Pro please update to the latest version and use plugin debugging functions. In almost all cases it is possible to determine the nature of the problem just by checking the debugging data. Some code for ads may not display anything, either because of errors in the ad code or because of ad network reasons. Use Label blocks function to mark all inserted blocks on the page.

Please make sure your license is valid before asking for Ad Inserter Pro support. We can not support Ad Inserter Pro installations without valid license key including expired license.

General Support

We have worked hard to ensure that documentation covers everything there is to know about the products. Please do let us know if you feel anything is missing. We want our user guides to be as useful as possible. We are also very interested in your feedback and suggestions. Apart from our own limited requirements, your feedback is the only way we can improve the product.

Of course, if you find a real bug or a problem, we do want to hear about it, and we will try to help. If you do find a problem, please contact us, giving us as much detail as you can. We will fix bugs in our software, but it is up to you to determine with reasonable certainty that you have encountered a bug, not a configuration error or a problem with your server or website.

How to ask for help

In order to be able to diagnose the problem and suggest actions or fix a bug, please do the following:

  • Please report only issues with the plugin. The plugin does not display anything, it only inserts the codes (blocks) you configure, which may or may not display ads. Therefore, we can mainly check if the configured blocks are properly inserted according to the settings. If there are issues with your ad codes, the inserted code does not display ads or AdSense code displays blank ad blocks (i. e. no ads are served) then there is nothing we can do – we don’t run ad networks which serve ads, we can only help you regarding our code – the plugin.
  • Make sure the plugin is updated to the latest version – this is mandatory.
  • Make sure there are no Javascript errors on the page – check in the browser’s console (F12 in Chrome and Firefox). 
  • Make sure the page has valid HTML code – use HTML validator to check for missing or unclosed HTML tags. Paragraph counting can’t work properly if there are missing or unclosed HTML tags.
  • Enable Remote debugging (located on the general plugin settings tab ⚙ / tab Debugging). Please leave remote management disabled.
  • You may need to disable caching in order to see the debugging data.
  • Make sure the debugging functions in the browser (right mouse click, page source view) are not disabled.
  • Clearly describe the problem. Describe what does not work as expected and list steps to reproduce the problem. We need to reproduce the issue in order to suggest solutions.
  • Describe the settings and code blocks used (list block numbers).
  • Send web addresses (links) of the pages where the blocks from the settings above are not inserted according to your expectations.
  • Depending on the nature of the problem you may be asked to provide admin credentials so we can check your installation. Some issues simply can’t be diagnosed or fixed without having admin access to the website. You don’t have to send your admin credentials, simply create a temporary admin account (set language to English) or use WordPress plugin to provide temporary admin access by sending a link.

Unless you provide the items listed above we can’t check your website or reproduce the problem and consequently can’t help.

    Required for Ad Inserter Pro support

    Located on tab ⚙ / tab Debugging

    I'm confirming remote debugging is enabled

    We usually respond within 2 business days. Please check your spam folder before contacting us again. To be on the safe side please whitelist email address in your email client so our response will never go into the spam folder. If you don’t get response in few days please email us directly at . However, when asking for support this way make sure the email includes your license key and page address. Emails without this information asking for support will be deleted.