Post and Page Exceptions

Ad Inserter provides many options to disable insertion of ads on certain posts or pages. In principle there are two approaches. The first one uses lists to white-list or black-list insertion on specific pages. The second approach uses individual post and static page exceptions where you define exception for each post or static page that needs to be excluded from a general insertion rule.

PLEASE NOTE: You can use both approaches to limit insertions. For example, you can white-list few categories and then use exceptions to exclude insertion on some post in these categories.

Using lists to limit insertion

To show available lists click on the Lists button. To limit insertion to specific categories, tags, taxonomies, post IDs or urls (web addresses) simply enter them in the appropriate list and select either black-list or white-list. Black-listing means that for listed values the code block (ad) will not be inserted. White-listed values mean that the code will be inserted only on pages with those values. Separate values with comma.

If you need to exclude ads only on few pages or posts then this is the eaisest approach. You can exclude few posts or pages using Post IDs list - when you click on the small button left of the list you'll get a selection containing all static pages and posts. Simply click on the page name/ID to move it to the list. Check lists for more.

Alternative approach is by specifying URLs. For example, to exclude ads on pages and simply black-list urls: /about /contact

ad inserter lists

Single pages have also additional setting for exceptions.If you are not using individual post/page exceptions (as described below) then use default value - blank selection (no individual exceptions).

ad inserter single page exceptions

If you use only lists to filter urls, IDs, categories or tags you should use blank selection (no individual exceptions) as these settings affect only individual exceptions on post/page editor pages described below.

Using individual post/static page exceptions

For each code block on posts or static pages you first define default insertion settings for posts/pages page type. Individually disabled means that insertion will be by default enabled on all posts (according to the settings for this code block), but you will be able to disable insertion on individual posts or pages (in post/page editor). Individually enabled means that insertion will be by default disabled on all posts, but you will be able to enable insertion on individual posts or pages (in post/page editor) - of course, other settings (e.g. lists) for this code block will also apply.

ad inserter single page exceptions enabled

Then you can define individual post/page exceptions on the post/page editor page (check Ad Inserter Individual Exceptions meta box below each post). Exceptions work only on static page/post content (positions Before Content, Before Paragraph, After Paragraph, After Content). For one or few exceptions it is easier to first enable insertion on all Posts/Pages page types (no individual exceptions - blank selection) and then either white or black-list single url or few space-separated urls (as described above).

ad inserter exceptions

When code block has individual exceptions set on posts or static pages, there will be a small button next to Posts text. Click on this button shows a list of all individual exceptions for this code block. Click on the ID number opens post/page, while click on the title opens post/page editor to edit exceptions. Click on the small red cross in the top right corner clears all individual exceptions for this code block.

ad inserter exceptions editing

Ad Inserter Pro has also additional Exceptions tab on the plugin settings (tab *). Here you can open page with exceptions, open editor to edit exceptions, clear exceptions for specific block, clear exceptions for specific post/page or clear all exceptions (click on the cross in the top right corner).

ad inserter exceptions editing pro

Post and static page exceptions are normally enabled only for administrators. You can define minimum user role for exceptions on plugin settings page (tab *):

ad inserter settings