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Is it possible to increase the number of blocks?

The number of Ad Inserter blocks is fixed and can not be changed. 96 blocks (or ad positions) should be more than enough even for a large website. In order to minimize the number of used blocks you can do the following:

  • Group blocks with similar settings for content/paragraph insertion into one block. You can list multiple paragraph numbers in one block – specify comma separated list of paragraphs as paragraph numbers. This will also improve the processing time needed to insert the blocks as the paragraphs will be counted only once.
  • Use ad counting for multiple insertions of a block with different ads. Please note that ad counting works only server-side.
  • Use VIEWPORT separator for different ads for different viewports (client-side device detection).
  • PRO Ad Inserter Pro supports also CHECK separators. You can black/whitelist different parameters in one block.